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Linecross cost-effective thermoformed and polyurethane solutions.


Thermoforming offers a cost effective way to bring products to market quickly. From 100 to 10,000 pieces a year, thermoforming offers a flexible, creative and robust process for bringing designs to reality. With our specialist knowledge of materials, processes and finishes, we push the possibilities of thermoforming to the limit, for real innovation at a realistic cost.

Our thermoforming service offers you:

• A wide range of embosses & textures
• Infinite colours
• Different thicknesses & gloss levels
• UV stable pigments
• Fire retardant grades
• Antibacterial additives
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Superior post processing, trimming, assembly and painting options.

The thermoforming process works by heating a plastic sheet to a temperature where it can be given the 3 dimensional shape of the mould tool through the generation of either pressure or vacuum.  With a broad range of thermoplastic materials available with differing characteristics it is possible create a product which is suitable for most applications.

Such materials include:

• ABS (flame retardant, antibacterial, varying gloss levels & textures)
• Acrylic capped ABS (for excellent UV and high gloss)
• Polyethylene and polypropylene (chemical, resistance).
• Polycarbonate (for high impact)
• HIPS (for sanitary applications)
• Speciality materials meeting fire, smoke and toxicity regulations.

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