We offer a comprehensive range of polyurethane systems, with a number of different grades of raw material formulations available, each providing significant benefits such as strength, density, flexibility, UV resistance and flammability resistance.


Polyurethane SRIM

Rigid semi-structural components, typically 20-30% lighter than injection mouldings. Examples include front end modules, boot floors, bulkheads, instrument panels, door panels, reinforcement for engine covers.

Ultra-lightweight SRIM

For headliner and parcel tray applications.


Compressible soft foam systems

Typical applications include armrests, waist-rails and console lids. It is also possible to mould the foam directly over a substrate or metal insert or armature located in the mould tool, providing even greater durability and strength.

Integral skin (self-skinning) systems foam

Suitable for use in grab handles and energy absorbent restraints.


NVH systems

For noise and vibration absorbing applications.

Energy absorbing systems

Rapid prototyping systems