Vacuum forming is a flexible process, giving a three-dimensional shape to an extruded thermoplastic material. Our sophisticated halogen heating systems can process even the most challenging engineering materials, with our state-of-the-art moulding machines.

Vacuum formed components


  • Exterior roof modules and engine covers for construction machines
  • Full height front and rear caravan exterior panels
  • Interior shower cubicle and sunroof assemblies for motorhomes and caravans
Vacuum formed components

  • Interior dashboards, door panels and bulkhead assemblies for commercial vehicles
  • Exterior bumper systems for mass transport applications
  • Wheel arch liners and undertrays for automotive components

Twin Sheet forming - Our latest state of the art thermoforming machines offer the facility for twin sheet forming materials. With a focus on anticipating future legislative and environmental targets, our ultra-light weight polyolefin twin sheet formed HVAC system ducting provides an innovative solution not only for huge weight reduction (compared to existing rigid ducts), but also superior noise and thermal performance.